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Why Choose OnerShield?
OnerShield coatings offer unique and lasting protection, encompassing the following qualities:

Permanent bonding
The nanoceramic structure of OnerShield coatings allow the formation of a permanent bond with treated surface. Once applied, OnerShield coatings can only be removed with machine polishers.

Above 9H hardness
OnerShield goes above and beyond to give you a product that is truly one of a kind. Our coatings increase the hardness of treated surfaces to above 9H level, giving you complete peace of mind no matter where life takes you.

Ultra high gloss
Apart from minimizing surface staining, OnerShield coatings also give treated surfaces an enviable shine and increased color depth.

Superior hydrophobicity
OnerShield coatings provide a contact angle of 104°C, which promotes water beading and makes surface maintenance easy and painless.

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pH resistant (3-12)
Unaffected by most acids and alkalis, OnerShield coating protects treated surfaces against a wide range of chemicals and reactants.

Thermo resistant (up to 750°C)
Traditional paint protection solutions like waxes and old generation sealants can degrade at higher temperatures, especially on dark car paints left out in the sun. Our coatings ‘ stable matrix exempts them from the effects of temperature fluctuations, giving you a more reliable protection solution.

OnerShield coatings protect surfaces and paint protection films from the ravage of UV lights, preserving vibrant colors and preventing film yellowing for longer.

The compact structure of crystallized OnerShield coatings prevents paint and other contaminants from permeating treated surfaces, keeping your property looking pristine.

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