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ONERSHIELD 9H+ is a nanoceramic compound designed to create a permanent bond with treated surfaces, resulting in an anti-scratch protective layer that is resistant against heat fluctuations, UV rays, harsh wash chemicals and more.
This coating increases the surfaces hardness to above 9H level, protecting paint surfaces from scratches, swirl marks and impact. It also lays the foundation for application of OnerShield Gloss, securing the bonding of subsequent coating layers.


ONERSHIELD Gloss increases the gloss and color depth of any treated surfaces, and protect them against UV lights as well as a wide range of chemicals.
The application of OnerShield Gloss also extends the longevity of OnerShield 9H+ by providing an ultra-hydrophobic outer layer. The additional coating helps prevent staining and formation of water spots, giving you the perfect combination of form and functionality.

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