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ONERSHIELD CARE is a maintenance solution designed for OnerShield coatings. This easy-to-use solution can be applied simply with a wet towel on coating surfaces to revive gloss and hydrophobicity.
Application is recommended after every car wash to maintain optimum level of shine. Use of OnerShield Care is also vital in preventing formation of water marks on coating surfaces.


ONERSHIELD CLEANER can be used before and after application of OnerShield coatings to remove dirt, grease and contaminants without impairing the protective functions of the coating. Use regularly to maintain a flawless paint or glass finish.

ONERSHIELD REBORN is an industrial strength cleaner formulated specifically to remove water spots from ONERSHIELD coatings without damaging their protective functions.
ONERSHIELD REBORN is a concentrated solution and must be diluted with water before application on coating surfaces. The concentrate to water ratio can be adjusted to produce a cleaning solution with your desired strength.

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